Hey there

I'm Mike Park and I like to build platforms that help content creators distribute their work and make money. Here's a bit more...

I co-created Twitter Amplify with two Twitter colleagues in 2012. We grew Amplify from an instant replay experiment to a global video monetization and distribution platform for brands and publishers. Today, it powers Twitter’s in-stream sponsorship and video ads business with sports leagues, TV networks and digital publishers. I'm currently VP of Emerging Content Products (and hiring).

Previously I led product management at iHeartMedia and worked with an all-star team of engineers and designers to re-launch iHeartRadio and connect the music service to Facebook. My path to iHeart was through an acquisition of Thumbplay, a New York-based music startup that pivoted from ringtones to streaming music. There I co-developed a self-serve platform called Thumbplay OPEN, which let artists, labels and app developers get paid for driving subscriptions and selling a-la-carte ringtones, photos and videos via SMS.

The first time I heard the phrase “snackable content” was at Japanese-owned Weathernews in 2006. I worked with national broadcast and local TV networks to co-market Weathernews' (pre-iPhone) mobile app that delivered on-demand news, weather and sports video highlights to consumers.

And I give thanks to a friend who got me into digital media in 2003 at NewGate, a Sausalito-based SEM/SEO agency where I learned a lot of the business jargon and acronyms that still plague me today.

You can find me on Instagram and LinkedIn. DMs are open.